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Millenials Cleansing Set 2018


Return to a fresh face with two no-nonsense makeup removers. Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is an award-winning liquid cleanser that activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while condition and refreshing the skin.

Miel-en-Mousse is a two-in-one face cleanser and makeup remover formulated with acacia honey and a transformative texture for a sensorial experience. Upon application, the honey-like texture captures makeup and impurities. Once emulsified with water, it transforms into a velvety mousse, leaving skin feeling cleansed and soft.

What it includes:

  • Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover (75 mL).
  • Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleansing Makeup Remover with Acacia Honey (50 mL).