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MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel


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Dermalogica MediBac™ Overnight Clearing Gel is an overnight medicated treatment gel that helps clear skin and prevent future breakouts.

Salicylic acid and anti-microbial agents aid in the removal of dead skin cells, reduce excess sebum and diminish acne bacteria. Salicylic acid sloughs off pore-clogging skin cells to inhibit the development of further breakouts.

 Niacinamide and biotin combined with zinc gluconate, yeast extract, caffeine and nordihyroguiaretic acid soothe irritation, inhibit overactive sebaceous gland activity and purify the skin. 

Naturally antiseptic tea tree oil assists in skin healing, while rosemary and spiraea extract inhibit bacteria by stimulating the skin's natural antibacterial agents. Green tea soothes the skin while hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin. The gel is paraben-free.