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L`absolu Rouge La Base Rosy


Hydrating colour. Reviving lip care.
With the texture of a smooth and creamy lip primer, it’s also enhanced with colour & caring ingredients for a natural & healthy look. 

An ultra-comfortable texture: 
- Light oils for a smooth and easy application
- Shiny oils & waxes to leave the lips comfortable and supple, with a subtle, shiny finish and lip primer effect 

A care formula infused with two actives: 
- Jojoba Butter for its emollient properties to nourish
- Vitamin E derivative for antioxidant properties to protect. 

L'Absolu Rouge La Base Rôsy includes:
- Jojoba butter for nourishment
- Vitamin E derivative for protection
- Light oils for a smooth, effortless application
- Shiny oils & waxes for a subtle sheen