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Star. A pick-me-up orchid pink that adds a soft and subtle tint for a celestial glow. The perfect alchemy to transform your makeup.

Formulated to add a third dimension to your makeup, this cream glow makes a stunning eye tint, foundation luminiser and adds pearlescence to any lip colour.

Mixed with Concealer/Foundation, Radiance ~ Star acts to neutralise yellow-tones and add a lively boost to the skin.

Achieve flawless, glowy skin that attracts and diffuses light to brighten the complexion, add dimension to the face and illuminate the eyes.

Use the Mixing Tool to decant product onto the back of the hand and warm to the skin. Use a clean fingertip to smooth along the eyes, cheeks and lips.

Or mix a scraping of Radiance with Concealer/Foundation and buff into the skin with the Diffuser Brush for the ultimate glowing complexion.