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A golden dark shade. Perfectly customisable to a wide range of deeper skin tones. Mix with a little Radiance Sun in for warmth, glow and extra light diffusion or adjust the depth of colour by adding a little Cheek/Lip Tint Terra by mixing into the Concealer / Foundation or simply by contouring with Terra.

Made in New Zealand using 100% natural ingredients that protect against environmental toxins and regenerate cellular energy.

100% natural ingredients. Formulated with expertise.

How To Use

For full coverage, apply neat with clean fingers. Apply this as a concealer around the eye area, the warmth from the finger tips allows it to blend seamlessly with the delicate skin around the eyes.

For medium coverage, apply in circular motions with the Aleph Diffuser Brush. 

To achieve light coverage and a dewy finish, apply blended with a drop of Aleph Serum/Primer.