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Spa Packages

Our spa treatments offer a combination of massage, warmth, moisture and nourishment and conclude with a refreshing herbal tea.

Revive 1hr 45 min
Redefine your eyes with an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and shape. Then let us help you unwind with a Sweet Temptation Facial, followed by a luxurious Sweet Sensations Back Massage. $175

Indulgence 90 min
Your well earned hour and a half of indulgence will take you to a deeper level of relaxation. We gently heat and nourish your body with warm stones and essential oils. Your senses will be relaxed and rejuvenated with the deep soothing massage, relieving tension and stiffness and encouraging well-being for mind and body. A truly divine experience. $180

Bliss 2hrs
Rejuvenate the body starting with a stimulating buffing cloth to polish your skin to silky perfection. Then unwind with a nourishing body massage and slip into complete bliss with a Sweet Temptation facial. $190

Luxe 3 hr
Three hours of complete pleasure. This offers the ultimate spa experience. Beginning with a full body sugar scrub to gently polish and soothe the skin. Next, unwind as your body is massaged with a combination of body butter and oil to leave your skin nourished and hydrated. Then slip into deep bliss with a relaxing facial. Finish your Luxe treatment with a Special Occasion Make-up. $300