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Hands and Feet

Essential Manicure 45 min
A nail shape with cuticle work and norishing moisturiser, finished with a buff or polish. $65.00

Essential Pedicure 45min
A foot scrub which is hot towelled away, followed with a nail shape, nourishing moisturiser, polish or buff. $65.00

Gel Colour 45min
A chip proof, long lasting lacquer. Full Set of Nails - $65.00. Removal and re-apply full set - $80.00. Removal only - $40.00. *We only remove Artistic & Faby

Gel Removal & Reapply
A long lasting lacquer. Please advise when booking, NB. removal of our Gels only $75

Sweet Feet 1Hr
A foot soak, heel work, exfoliation, nail shape and cuticle work with a massage. Finished with a nourishing moisturiser, buff or polish. $95.00


Removal of our Artistic & Faby Gel Polish only $40.00