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Absolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Serum by Lancome

Posted by Sara Strachan on
Absolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Serum by Lancome
The Lancome Absolue Precious Cells collection offers a supreme union between science and luxury with sensorial textures and visible benefits. Absolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Peeling Concentrate is a bi-phase night skin peel. The rosy exfoliating phase is enriched with fruit acids and exfoliating ingredients. The golden oil phase is a concentrated blend of precious rose extracts, including Rose Essential Oil. Blended together, this formula leaves skin looking smoother and clearer. It helps stimulate skin cell renewal, soothes newly exfoliated skin and nourishes it with moisture. The appearance of fine lines looks softened. Skin complexion looks bright and even to revel a youthful looking Golden Glow.

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